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We are really blessed to live in the greatest land on earth that is America. In addition to all the things that it is great about it, one aspect that amazes me is the beautiful terrain for rock climbing. The United States Of America is one of the best places for rock climbing and as I have done quite some climbing over the years I can assure you about that. Not just in the country, but rock climbing is constantly growing, and more and more individuals are getting attracted to the sport. This I think is very important because nowadays in the era of smartphones and the internet, people have forgotten to go outdoors and have some fun. Especially the younger ones.

Nonetheless, be it if you are someone new to climbing or if you have been doing for years. On this platform, I want to help and discuss with you all the many different aspects of rock climbing. Be it climbing shoes, ropes, harnesses and all that surrounds climbing. I will try my best to share all my knowledge about rock climbing that I have gained through all these years and provide my opinions on which climbing gear or equipment would be the best for you. If you have any suggestions on products, topics or anything that surrounds rock climbing then feel free to let me know. I will be more than willing to help. To get in touch click here!