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Top 3 | Best Bouldering Shoes For Beginners:

Best Bouldering Shoes For Beginners

In the mix of many different outdoor activities, bouldering is something that isn’t given enough attention. As a matter of fact, it is often associated with rock climbing in general. Nonetheless, it is sort of rock climbing. If you have read even one of our articles before or have gone through our site then you will very well know that rock climbing is all that we are about. As you can read from the heading, today we will be talking about the best bouldering shoe out there, however, there is a twist. We will rather be talking about the best bouldering shoes for beginners.

The reason why we wanted to talk about the best bouldering shoes for beginners, in particular, is for a very prominent reason. As you all might very well know that the internet has everything for us. No matter what part of the world we might be, we can get to know and learn about anything with just a click. If you are a beginner and someone new into bouldering then you will very well want to learn more about the whole thing and also want to improve on it. However, the problem here is that most sites and articles on climbing shoes that are found on the web are not informative enough and do not give a clear-cut evaluation. After checking all these sites we felt that it is our duty to help you find the best pick of bouldering shoe for you. So, without wasting any more time, let’s get into the shoes.


Best Bouldering Shoes For Beginners:

  • SCARPA Men’s Instinct VS Climbing Shoe.
  • La Sportiva Solution Climbing Shoe – Men’s.
  • Evolv Addict Climbing Shoe.


1. SCARPA Men’s Instinct VS Climbing Shoe:

SCARPA Men's Instinct VS Climbing Shoe

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SCARPA is a very underrated brand in our opinion. And maybe it is us who are responsible for not talking much about it. Well, keeping all those things aside, the SCARPA Men’s Instinct VS Climbing Shoe is a type of shoe that we couldn’t resist talking about. The way the shoe stands out both in terms of looks and performance is just spectacular.

The Build:

We would like to inform you beforehand that there are many different types of climbing shoes available on the market. All of them unique in their own characteristics and different especially in the type of material that they are made and constructed of. There are shoes made from leather, synthetic, mixed leather, synthetic leather and what not. We don’t really want to talk about the issue about which one is the best for you. Because that is a topic for a later day. Nonetheless, coming back to the SCARPA Men’s Instinct VS Climbing Shoe it is made from a synthetic leather material. You do not need to be worried about the fact that the synthetic will be cheap or anything. Because that is most definitely not the case. The synthetic featured here is of very high quality and a benefit for this material in comparison to real leather is the stretch. Climbing shoes with original leather tend to stretch over time, and this elongation surely affects the sizing and fit of the shoe.

Now coming to the looks, that is surely a personal preference. But we personally think that the SCARPA Men’s Instinct VS Climbing Shoe with it’s black and orange dual colors in addition to the downturn and asymmetrical shape of these shoes. It goes without saying that they are something that will surely catch the eye. As these shoes are made in Italy, the small Italian flag on the midsole is a very nice detail and pops up nicely.

What’s Underneath?

The rubber underneath these shoes is just too good, and that is due to the fact the shoe uses something called Vibram soles, The 3-millimeter thick rubber sole provides very good grip and traction. Because of its hardness and rigidity, you will be able to edge comfortably at any given situation. And the whole edging prospect is very important for a beginner climber. However, it still has it’s fair share of thinness to make it responsive enough for your tiptoed moves.

Putting it in:

Because of their slim and compact size, climbing shoes are often a hassle to wear. The SCARPA Men’s Instinct VS Climbing Shoe is no exception. As a matter of fact, this is something we were disappointed with because despite it’s sock-like opening it was very hard to put in. Nonetheless, once you put your feet inside and take the help of the pull tabs to put your feet inside. Once your feet get in you can use the velcro strap to tighten things up. The inside of the shoe has a very nice and smooth suede material, so you won’t feel uncomfortable or anything in any given situation.

The Performance:

The SCARPA Men’s Instinct VS Climbing Shoe performs exceptionally well thanks to its unique design. The toe box is designed in such a way that it curls your toes towards your toes, making your stance sharp and pointy so that you can jump on to rocks quicker. As we mentioned before, the rubber is very hard and will stick on to the surface very nicely,

All in all, the SCARPA Men’s Instinct VS Climbing Shoe is an excellent bouldering shoe for beginner climbers. It has all the necessary requirements and characteristics to ensure you an enjoyable climbing experience.


  • Fits right in size.
  • Well built.
  • Very comfortable.
  • Provides a nice mix of both sharpness and rigidness.


  • You will need to put in a bit of effort to put these on.


2. La Sportiva Solution Climbing Shoe – Men’s:


La Sportiva Solution Climbing Shoe - Men's

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La Sportiva is a very well known and also very popular brand when it comes to rock climbing gear and accessories. They have a huge lineup of climbing and bouldering shoes. However, since we are talking about the right shoes for beginners, we have identified the La Sportiva Solution Climbing Shoe – Men’s in particular for you. So let’s take a look about what it’s all about.


The La Sportiva Solution Climbing Shoe is on the higher end size of shoes from La Sportiva. However, that is nothing to worry about because it is still an excellent option for beginner climbers nonetheless, The design and outlook of the shoe might look a bit aggressive and also bulky, However, there is nothing to be imitated about that. No matter what your climbing style is or how often you like to do it. The La Sportiva Solution Climbing Shoe will take care of everything with sheer ease.

Smart Design:

In today’s world of innovation and technology, manufacturers constantly need to change and update their products. Same goes for climbing shoes as well. Advancement in technology has given manufacturers the opportunity to develop the shoes in order to bring you a much smoother climbing experience. La Sportiva has used something called a P3 platform. It is basically referred to like the design of the shoe and the way the sole wraps nicely around the heel so that you get a good and stable platform to work and walk on. This may not seem much, but you will surely feel the difference while climbing in these. It will also enhance your precision by miles ahead.

The forefoot is a bit narrower in comparison to most climbing shoes. However, that won’t be an issue because as the forefoot curves nicely to the front and forms a very good downturn shape. This will help a great deal to generate power on the front of your feet.


The La Sportiva Solution Climbing Shoe is one of the most well-made climbing shoes that we ever tested. And we can say that with sure certainty because we have tested a lot of different climbing shoes in the process. These shoes are specially handmade from high-quality leather in Italy and you really do not have to worry about the durability at all.


  • Nice and aggressive looking design.
  • Has a very unique and innovative design.
  • Uses premium quality leather.
  • Provides good precision.


  • The design might not be appealing for all.


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3. Evolv Addict Climbing Shoe:

Evolv Addict Climbing Shoe

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As you are a beginner climber, looking for the best bouldering shoes for beginners then it goes without saying that you wouldn’t want to spend a huge amount on shoes as you are still learning the activity. For those of you, we have the Evolv Addict Climbing Shoe. Now, do keep in mind that the Evolv will look and perform a bit different in comparison to the other two shoes mentioned above. And that is because they cost more as well.

The Evolv Addict Climbing Shoe has a very basic and straight cut design with a leather upper. Getting a leather upper climbing shoe at this price point is just spectacular. Now questions may arise as to why leather is so important and why it matters so much. Well, the leather upper along with the footbed works nicely to keep your feet nicely in position and provide a good fit.

Even though there isn’t anything special with the design and the forefoot, that’s not really much of a problem. Because the simple and basic formula has turned out to be a pure success for this. With an excellent combination of comfort, price and more than decent performance, these slipper-like climbing shoes will be an excellent purchase. Because of its shape and design, many might think that the shoe is not able to distribute power well enough to the front foot. Well, this is absolutely wrong. The heel area of the shoe is very hard and rigid and you can instantly generate power to your feet. As there are absolutely no laces or straps on it, you won’t face any sort of issue with the fit and feel.


  • Affordable.
  • A very good all rounder shoe.
  • Fits well.


  • Might stretch a bit too much overuse.
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