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Top 4 | Best Rock Climbing Shoes For Women:

Best Rock Climbing Shoes For Women

There was a time when most of my female climber friends would use climbing shoes made for men. This action was by no means voluntary, but rather due to the unavailability of climbing shoes made specifically for women. Nonetheless, times have changed and the top companies are constantly coming up with new shoes for female climbers. Because of the huge variety of climbing shoes out there, I thought that I might want to address the issue and talk about the best rock climbing shoes for women. Thanks to multiple online stores, getting the best women’s climbing shoes is nothing hard. However, you would want to make sure that you are getting the right one for yourself. This is where I think I can help you with.


Best Rock Climbing Shoes For Women:

  • La Sportiva W’s Solution.
  • La Sportiva Kataki Climbing Shoe – Women’s.
  • SCARPA Womens Techno PRO WMN-W.
  • Mad Rock Lotus Climbing Shoes – Women’s.


1. La Sportiva W’s Solution:

La Sportiva W's Solution White/Pink 38

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The reason why many climbers tend to like La Sportiva, in general, is because they actually care for their customers and users. It is not only down to their products but also how their products are lined as well. For every climbing shoe, they make for men, there is a women’s variant available as well that is equally good in comparison to its male counterpart.

Now, before I proceed further into the article talking about multiple women’s shoes, I would like to let you know that most climbing shoes for women are usually very slim, and that is in order to fit well to a women’s feet. Nonetheless, the Solution is no exception to that. I will hold no bars to this, but the La Sportiva W’s Solution is a very aggressively downturned shoe and this makes it a beastly performer on climbs. However, the shape does by no means make the shoe uncomfortable or anything. The upper might be a bit hard, but the way the toes curl in at the front end of the shoe allows it to have more power on your forefoot. While the toe area is doing its job, the rest of the shoe slides in to wrap nicely around your feet.

Despite, being a downturned shoe the Solution can handle tricky small footwork as well without any hassle. As hard as the shoe might be, the midsole is the area where stiffness falls short and this does affect the stability of the overall shoe. Nonetheless, the Solution has the standard Vibram XS rubber sole that sticks like glue on every block.

The La Sportiva Solution is a climbing shoe that you do not see very often these days, with an excellent mix of aggressiveness and sophistication it will be able to handle all your climbing problems. Be it bouldering, edging, pulling or smearing. The Solution will provide you with the ultimate solution at all terrains.


  • Comfortable and breaks in very nicely.
  • Good for steep climbing
  • Molds to the wearer’s foot shape very nicely.
  • The aggressive shape and beastly performance.


  • The price might be a bit too much for some.

2. La Sportiva Kataki Climbing Shoe – Women’s:

La Sportiva Kataki Climbing Shoe

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The La Sportiva Kataki Climbing Shoe is La Sportiva’s attempt to mix the best of what they had from the Otaki and Katana model to form the Kataki which is an excellent allrounder. No matter what type of climbing you are looking to do, the Kataki will surely be your best companion.

The first thing that I liked the most about the Kataki was the way it fits. Thanks to the classic lacing system along with the sock-like tongue, you can put it on your feet in a jiffy. In addition, the shoe is also not very aggressive and is rather symmetrical, so slim foot movements won’t be a problem at all. The shape of the shoe also enhances it’s edging and crack climbing abilities as well. However, I would not deny that it does hamper the comfortability of the shoe a bit, but then the performance of the shoe outweighs that.

Edging was never much of an issue when it came to La Sportiva’s shoes, thanks to the shoe’s P3 platform that allows you to stand strong and stable on edges, no matter what. The Kataki will help you a great deal in generating power on your toes thanks to the high arches, giving you the chance to feel the shoe without feeling tight or compact. However, the high arch doesn’t contribute to the discomfort of the shoe.

In conclusion, there isn’t much to say about the Kataki other than the fact that it is a well-performing shoe with characteristics and attributes that match very well according to everything that a woman climber can possibly ask for. Being a lowkey, low profile and minimal shoe, the La Sportiva Kataki is the ninja in the world of climbing shoes and a very good one apparently.


  • Excellent edging.
  • Handles crack climbing very well.
  • Low volume and low profile.
  • Does a very good job in vertical climbing.


  • The high arches and heel cup makes the shoe uncomfortable.

3. SCARPA Womens Techno PRO WMN-W:

SCARPA Womens Techno PRO

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Along with La Sportiva, SCARPA is also a well-known name for making some excellent climbing shoes for women. The SCARPA Womens Techno PRO is a mere example of that. The Scarpa Techno X has to be one of the most comfortable climbing shoes ever made for women. The fit of the shoe might be a bit snug and the heel a bit tight, but that does not hamper its comfortability by any means. It rather provides a very nice fit.

The SCARPA Womens Techno PRO WMN-W is a very different shoe in comparison to the previous ones I talked about on the article. And that is because this is a flat-lasted shoe, with nothing aggressive whatsoever going into it. This means that it is basically designed and targeted towards the beginner climbers and I totally agree with that. And for something that’s a beginner shoe, this performs in exactly that way. The edging is fairly decent as the bi tension rand helps to generate good power to the toes. You won’t have any problem whatsoever in staying stable on those edges. As this is a shoe with a hard sole, smearing on this will be top notch.

Being a flat shoe, you cannot expect the SCARPA to be very good at hooking, and it surely isn’t. Even though a bit more pointed forefoot would have been nicer, the addition of the rubbered area on the toe area does help a great deal in toe hooking. In conclusion, the SCARPA Womens Techno PRO WMN-W is a very good beginner shoe with an affordable price tag that will be able to handle everything that a beginner climber will come across. It is also very well made as well. However, a problem with it that I would like to point out is that it is a low volume shoe and that surely does affect the shoe’s performance and comfort


  • Simple and straightforward.
  • Fits very well.
  • Well made.
  • Affordable.
  • A very good beginner shoe.


  • Lacks aggressiveness.

4. Mad Rock Lotus Climbing Shoes – Women’s:

Mad Rock Lotus Climbing Shoes

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Climbing gear does not come cheap and that is why we always want our climbing gear to be worth the price we pay for it. Nonetheless, if you are looking for something that will very well justify its price tag then the Mad Rock Lotus Climbing Shoes – Women’s is definitely something that you should go for.

One of the main reasons why I fell in love with this shoe is because of its simplicity. However, do not judge it by its looks because the shoe is much more than what it looks like. Nonetheless, coming to the looks the design and the colors show that this shoe was specifically designed for women. You will notice that these shoes have velcro closures on them and this makes the shoe fit smoothly on to your feet. It also makes the shoe easy to adjust as well. For a shoe that is priced so low, I wasn’t really expecting much from it. Especially not such a good fit, however, they outscored all my expectations with their fit and feel with being considerably tight and snug and also maintaining the comfortability as well. The enhancement in comfort is due to the less aggressive and toned down design.

Surprisingly, there is also a very good amount of padding on these shoes as well on the tongue region. It will also very well protect your feet during climbs as well without being worried about them slipping off the ground. I am going to be completely honest with you and say that edging on these shoes is not at all good, and that is because these are a very toned down pair of shoes. You would find it’s the best application on sports climbs and in general bouldering areas. However, anything above that the shoe will not be able to bare.


  • Affordable.
  • High performing shoe.
  • A good allrounder.
  • Fits well and is very comfortable.
  • The sole has very good grip.


  • Has a big and heavy heel cup.


Velcro Straps Or Laces? ( Which provides the ultimate fit?)

This has and I believe always will be a very debatable question and that is whether you should get climbing shoes with velcro straps or a traditional lacing system. Well, if you get a shoe with straps of any sort then you will get a more comfortable and roomier fit, whereas, on the other hand, a laced variant would mean that your feet will stay absolutely locked in and you can also tweak the fit as well. So depending on all of that choose the version that suits you the best.

The Difference Between Men’s And Women’s Climbing Shoes-

Now, some of you might very surely have this question as to why there are different shoes made for male and female climbers and what makes them different from each other. Well, I knew that a bunch of you would have that question and that is why I decided to answer that. The very first difference lies in the shape. Men and women’s feet are not shaped the same, as a result, the climbing shoes made for men are wide whereas the ones for women tend to be a bit narrow. Well, for example, if you are a woman with wider feet, then you can get yourself a men’s shoe as well. There will be no problem whatsoever.

The Wonder Woman In You:

Every day more and more female climbers are joining in with the sport and with also making very good progress as well. Climbing is a very intense and exciting sport, and it takes quite the courage and determination to do it. Nonetheless, I would like to take this opportunity to salute all those empowering women out there who are being an example and a role model for all the other girls out there to indulge in a healthy lifestyle and do something worthful in life.

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