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La Sportiva Finale Review:

The number of manufacturers making climbing shoes might be a few, but there are a few who are constantly coming up with new and upgraded models in order to serve the demand. One such company is La Sportiva. The mere reason why I try and talk about their products is to help you get a better climbing experience. Now, if you aren’t well familiar with climbing shoes then you might want to know that climbing shoes aren’t the most comfortable of shoes out there. As harsh as it may sound, it goes without saying that a good climbing shoe that performs well won’t feel like a cloud. Nonetheless, when it comes to beginner climbing shoes, the extent of discomfort is not much. Speaking of which, the La Sportiva Finale is a beginner shoe and over this article of the la Sportiva finale review, I will let you know what it holds.


La Sportiva Finale Review


Initial impressions:

Taking it out from the box you will notice that the Finale doesn’t look anything very futuristic, especially if you have been looking at advanced level climbing shoes. The La Sportiva Finale is a very simple and basic shoe, and La Sportiva’s tactic of sticking to the basics for a beginner shoe is highly appreciable and that’s because it works. Along with a mix of suede, leather, and rubber, the shoes feature a lacing system which works wonders for the feet.

La Sportiva Finale Review

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Beginner, but not belittled:

Most climbing shoe companies out there do not tend to serve the beginner climbers well enough, making very low quality and bad performing shoes. However, La Sportiva is nothing like that. Despite being a beginner shoe, the quality and components on the Finale are truly commendable. The shoe features an upper of leather and microfiber material and this isn’t just like any other cheap leather out there. The quality on it is top notch and a significant thing about it is that it stretches. Yes, you heard it right, over a period of time you will be seeing the leather soften up to keep your feet nice and comfy. However, it would need a few climbing sessions to do that and once it breaks in you will be able to get something truly excellent out of it.

La Sportiva is very well known for its P3 shoe platforms where they design the heel of the shoe in a certain way that it allows the wearer to get better performance out of the shoes. However, anyone would have expected that in the price of the Finale’s, the inclusion of something like the P3 movement would be unmanageable. Nonetheless, La Sportiva surprised everyone by adding the P3 platform. The platform works very well in harmony with the tensioned heel rand and power hinge to give you a more than decent edging performance which is enough for beginner climbers. Along with the upper, the bottom of the shoes features La Sportiva’s signature Vibram XS sole which undoubtedly is one of the best rubber soles in the market of climbing shoes. Even though this is something that is usually found on more aggressive shoes, they have included on it here nonetheless and it surely enhances the performance as well as the durability that you get from the shoe. After testing the Finale out, I found that the Vibram sole works its magic the best on vertical to less than vertical routes giving you the best form possible. The grip that the outsole provides is also excellent and will stick on to blocks very nicely.

The Heel And The Midsole:

The midsole of the shoe is called a LaspoFlex midsole, keeping the fancy name aside the midsole provides a very nice comfortable fit with it being not too soft nor too stiff and hits just the sweet spot. If you have read my previous reviews on La Sportiva shoes, then you will very well know that something that I like a lot about them is their distinctive heel design. Surprisingly, they have included that heel structure on this shoe as well. The heel of the Finale features a hard rubber coating that will keep your heel area secured in place so that your feet doesn’t move around. In addition, there are also bands on that are there to provide grip to the heel for extra grasp.

Power hinge:

Being a beginner climbing shoe this has a little downturn shape, so it is a bit flat with a hint of aggressiveness to the design. This lower volume of the shoe helps the toe area to work finely on thin blocks. As I mentioned before, this shoe will stretch over time. However, thanks to the Power hinge, it will limit the shoe’s stretching capability to the point where it’s weighted. So you will be able to work with your toes freely. You won’t face much of a problem when it comes to the fit, because the lace up system provides a much more secure and adjustable fit in comparison to velcro straps and slip on.

Problems I Faced:

The La Sportiva Finale is a very basic, simple and beginner shoe. As much as I like it for that, that is also a problem as well. When I took this shoe out of the gym and on to actual rocks, that is where it started to show it’s disabilities. The shoe won’t help you much in gripping or holding on to tights crimps or blocks. The sole might be very grippy and sticky, however, that will only be limited to your gym climbs.


  • High-quality leather upper.
  • Does not sacrifice on quality.
  • Durable.
  • Affordable.
  • Provides a good fit.


  • Cannot bare rough and heavy climbing.

Final Thoughts:

The La Sportiva Finale is one such climbing shoe where you shouldn’t have much complains about. When I first started using it I knew what it had the ability to offer and it did exactly that. It didn’t disappoint at all, it was comfortable, fit well, provided good edging on vertical climbs and the superb build quality altogether makes the Finale an excellent allrounder.

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