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La Sportiva Skwama Review | Get It? Or Regret It?

Climbing shoes with velcro straps or any sort of strap, in general, do not tend to hold much of a soft spot in most climber’s hearts. And over time climbing shoe manufacturers have done their best to change that with launching many different straps on or slip on shoes of their laced variants. Nonetheless. none of them seemed to make much of a difference and I personally didn’t even like climbing with such shoes on. However, when I got my hands on the La Sportiva Skwama for testing what it’s made up of, I was thoroughly impressed. That is why today I will be sharing my experience with the shoe to you in this la sportiva skwama review.


La Sportiva Skwama Review:

La Sportiva Women's Skwama Climbing Shoe Review

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Simple and straightforward-

With the Skwama, La Sportiva hasn’t done loads of experiments and has rather kept things very simple, mainly as this is a distinctive sort of a climbing shoe. The shoe does not have any fancy abilities or anything, and that’s what makes them so good. Starting off with the upper, it is made from leather in addition to microfiber components. Now, the microfiber had to be reinforced because making the shoe fully out of leather would have allowed it to stretch to a very wide extent over time. And the stretching of upper for climbing shoes is very bad because once the shoe becomes loose, your feet won’t stay locked inside. This will eventually result in injuries while you are climbing.

The Platform:

Well, it wouldn’t be completely right to say that this shoe does not have anything technologically advanced, it surely does. And this goes for all shoes from La Sportiva. Something that all their shoes have in common is the P3 platform. The upper might be very simple and minimal, but there is a lot happening underneath the shoe. Being a velcro strap shoe, the need for stability here is immense. Fortunately, the p3 platform provides ample amount of stiffness and rigidity to the overall shoe. It will also make sure that your feet aren’t swiveling around. The stiffness also helps a great deal in being precise on edges and small cracks. The P3 technology also makes sure that the downturned shape of the shoe stays prominent over time. However, it doesn’t make the shoe super hard or anything, it still has it’s deal of softness within.

For The Wide Feet:

Climbing shoes do not tend to cater much to people with wide feet, and that is not really their fault as shoes of these sorts need to be made narrow in order to make their performance on climbs better. Nonetheless, the skwama is a comparatively wider shoe with a very toned down appearance. So it not only caters a good comfort to users with wide feet but will also support your feet with precision, traction and flexibility. The midsole of the shoe is extremely soft and will flex with ease when you are out there smearing on the blocks. This is something that stiffer shoes won’t be able to provide. Even though many might be skeptical regarding the velcro straps, I would like to assure you that the velcro closure is located fairly high up on the shoe. So it won’t cause any sort of discomfort whatsoever.


As I mentioned before, these shoes do not have much of a stretch going on them, and that won’t change even when the shoe breaks in fully, the stretch that you will see on the leather upper is very minimum.


  • Very comfortable and easy to wear.
  • Sensitive.
  • Provides good support while crack climbing.


  • The leather upper doesn’t stretch much.
  • Not very good at edging.

Final Words:

The La Sportiva Skwama might not be the best climbing shoe out there, but that’s not the issue here because it wasn’t made to the best one. Rather, the sole purpose of the shoe was to provide versatility, ease of use and comfortable climbing. The Skwama is truly an excellent shoe, starting from the glove-like fit, soft midsole, and its ability to take care of even the deepest of boulders is truly appreciable. Before you order yourself a pair of Skwama goodness make sure to check the reference size chart before because that would help a great deal.

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