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La Sportiva Solutions Review | Get It? Or Regret It?

La Sportiva is a name in the climbing shoe industry that needs no introduction. Their shoes have been winning the hearts of climbers for many years, especially their classics. However, everything needs an upgrade sometime, and the Solutions model was no exception, as it had to be done. The Solutions being a classic model, many climbers out there were a bit sceptical regarding its update. So has the fit, feel, and smoothness of the shoe changed or does it still maintain that. Let’s see.

A New Design:

La Sportiva Solutions Review

Well, to start with the shoe does have a new futuristic look and design, and it is one of the prominent changes. And it is not just the looks, but the shape enhances the fit of the shoe as well. Despite being a comparatively expert level shoe, the room inside it is pretty wide. The toe box is relatively wide, and it won’t bother your toes anyway whatsoever.
Nonetheless, there are other aspects of the shoe that are aggressive. For example, the sole is like any other shoe that ever came. It is fairly confronting and still manages to provide excellent comfort.

Holding On:

The sole also, to being aggressive provides good grip thanks to the Vibram sole that it sports. Another noticeable thing to mention is that the solution was the first model to have the revolutionary P3 design from La Sportiva, and since this, it has paved the way for many other climbing shoes to develop over time. When it comes to edging, these shoes do an excellent job in maintaining their shape while holding and gripping to blocks, thanks to it’s pointed forefoot.

What About Crack Climbing?

When it comes to finding shoes for crack climbing, it is overall a bit of a complicated affair. La Sportiva Solutions is not the best for the occasion, but it is also not the worst of the lot. You can surely do a bit of crack climbing in these, but it will leave your feet sore and dry for quite some time. When you compare the Solutions with its competition like Evolv and Scarpa Drago, the Solutions is a bit stiffer, but it takes less time to break in. The stiffness takes care of everything that you throw at it.


Talking about the comfortability of climbing shoes often comes as a mismatch because a climbing shoe will never be able to give you the same comfort as a running shoe. Nonetheless, with more and more technology coming every day, climbing shoes are also developing drastically. The new upgraded model of the Solutions is much better than its previous counterpart and won’t make your feet swell or feel bad after a long day of climbing. The single strap design might not look like much, but it does help a great deal in giving a good fit, feel and comfort on the shoe.


High-end shoe, the best of the bunch.
Good precision.
Aggressive design.
Good grip and heel hooking.


Not suitable for climbing for a whole day.

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