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Rock Climbing Exercises To Do At Home | Get Some Training!

Rock Climbing Exercises To Do At Home

As easy as rock climbing might seem to be, it goes without saying that it requires good strength and physicality. However, that doesn’t mean you have to get all Arnold Schwarzenegger and all. By following a routine and doing rock climbing exercises at home you will be able to gain strength for rock climbing. Many individuals think that rock climbing training at home or rock climbing workout is not useful and everything that you need to learn is in the climbing process itself. Well, to be able to climb rocks and boulders you would need to have good strength and incapability of having that will get you nowhere. So without wasting any more time lets look at some exercises for rock climbing which you can easily do at home.

A climber needs very good strength all over their body and not just one particular aspect. The core, back, arms, legs and everything needs to be on point to help you. So, tend to focus on workouts that include your whole body and not just only one factor.

Rock Climbing Workouts And Exercises To Do At Home:

  • Pull-ups.
  • Pushups.
  • Cardio.
  • The Core.
  • Squats.



Pull-ups are an ideal full body workout for strength building. Install a pull-up bar in your home and you will be good to go. Use the wide grip for your back and a close grip for your arms and shoulders.


A pushup is that workout which you can do anywhere and anytime. They are very easy to perform and will build good strength over time. There are a lot of different types of pushups that you can do


It might not seem like it, but rock climbing requires stamina and endurance as well. Doing cardio will surely help in improving your core strength. Cardio at home is very much possible without any treadmill. If you are willing to spend on a skipping rope then skipping would be the best form of cardio. You can do different variants of burpees as well.

The Core:

The core is the part which many tend to ignore thinking that it is not important. However, without a good and strong core, you won’t be able to push yourself to the limit. There are plenty of different core exercises and there is no problem in trying to do all of them and then find the one that you are the most comfortable with. Some of the workouts that you can try are:

* Crunches
* Butterfly crunches.
* Planks.
* Flutter kicks.


Squats are one of the best strength building workouts out there, be it weighted or without weights squats are a must do in your rock climbing workout at home. If it’s your first time, we would suggest you start without any weights or dumbells because that would be ideal.


  • Try to maintain a routine that allows you to workout for climbing at least twice or thrice a week.
  • Warm your body before by doing some light stretching.
  • Be careful and do not injure yourself by any means.
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